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Hard Work Heel Necklace

Souvenir Jewelry

Hard Work Heel Necklace

$ 100.00

Sex Worker Rights are Human Rights! And yet, sex workers are struggling to obtain the resources needed to stay housed, pay bills, and self-isolate as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Sex workers are getting evicted from their housing, are the targets of violence and, due to their lack of access to labor rights and recognition for the distinct needs, many do not qualify for benefits offered to others.

Every necklace sold will have 100% of the profits given to the direct support of our local Philadelphia Sex Workers Fund.

We encourage everyone to educate themselves on sex worker advocacy. We have included links below to direct support organizations dedicated to the fundamental human rights of sex workers and their communities.

Education and Support:


  • .9 inch or 22.8mm from bottom of shoe to strap
  • .8 inch or 20.3mm from front of shoe to back of heel


  • Handmade, designed, and manufactured in Philadelphia  
  • Available in Sterling Silver only

Something about this piece not perfect enough for you? Email us at   to make adjustments or create your own custom piece. 

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