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Chain Link Seam Ring

Souvenir Jewelry

Chain Link Seam Ring

$ 250.00

Made from 14k solid gold, a chain link seam ring with 4mm links.


  • Small
    • Length: 12.8 mm - from top to bottom of ring 
    • Diameter: 12.8 mm - 1/2 "
    • Medium
      • Length: 17.6 mm - from top to bottom of ring 
      • Diameter: 16.8 mm -  5/8"
    • Large
      • Length: 18.4mm 
    • - from top to bottom of ring 
    • Diameter: 19.2mm - 3/4"
    • Handmade, designed, and manufactured in Philadelphia  
    • Available 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, and 14k rose gold only 
  • Seam rings are made of solid metal and need to be bent to be inserted, to maintain the integrity of the shape please be mindful over over-bending and frequent removal
  • Suitable for healed piercings only 
    Something about this piece not perfect enough for you? Email us at to make adjustments or create your own custom piece. 

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