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Sterling Silver Repair Price Guide

Aesthetic Repairs


*All repairs receive Re- antique/ patina/ polish/ reshape when processed*

$20.00 per piece or per batch

Best value for multiple pieces 


Chain Replacement (Stock Chain only) $25.00-$90.00

 Chain Resize 

(Bearly Interested, Forever Padlock, etc.)




Resize $25.00

Full Replacement 

Bronze Replacement 

50% off retail

30% off retail

Stone Replacement  $20.00-$50.00
Half Shank/Full Shank Replacement 



Re-Wire Hoops  $15.00
Replace Post and Back


Replace Earring Back Only $10.00
Replacement Earring Available on website
Replacement Hollow Hoop (Dice)  $20.00 



Repair (Under 1 year)  $25.00

Repair (1 year and over)

50% off retail


Vermeil Price Guide

Re-Vermeil (includes reshape/polish/antique) $40.00 per piece 


14k Gold Repair Price Guide

Body Jewelry

Threadless end post replacement  $50.00

Earring post replacement 


Earring post/back replacement 


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