Mutual Aid

We at Souvenir Jewelry believe strongly in supporting our local communities and partnering with organizations that align with our values.  

We understand that the current systems in place are not meeting our needs and that we collectively can meet them together by actively participating and leading Mutual Aid campaigns.  

We encourage you to participate! You can find Mutual Aid Campaigns and Organizations at

Philly Local

Mutual Aid

We love and support these Philadelphia based organizations! We encourage our friends and neighbors to check out all the good work they are doing for our communities, and we encourage you to offer your support where and when you are able!

Homies Helping Homies

Philly We Rise

Coalition for Black Trans Economic Liberation

Community Fridges

Another great way to participate in community care is by supporting your local community fridges. Nearly 1 in 4 households experience food insecurity and half of those households have limited to no access to obtain food and groceries. Community fridges allow access in areas that experience this insecurity and provide fresh foods and meals to their local communities.  

Next time you are at the store consider picking up a few items for the Community Fridges near you!

Mama Tee

Coral Street Fridge

South Philly Community Fridges

Fridges and Family

Germantown Fridges

Cannabis Justice

In the United States, the use and possession of cannabis are illegal under federal law for any purpose. Despite recreational use of cannabis being legalized in 18 states and counting, the United States still needs a lot of work toward the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis. The injustices of these laws have led to discriminatory acts, harming the health and safety of our communities. 

Souvenir Jewelry recognizes the importance of utilizing our platform to highlight organizations that are doing direct work in our communities. We encourage all to see how they can assist their local organizations in the advocacy of decriminalization, expungement, and legalization.  

Check out these organizations dedicated to the advocacy of those affected by cannabis injustices. 

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP)

The Last Prisoner Project



Souvenir Jewelry supports and stands with our LGBTQ+ communities. We believe everyone has the freedom to live their truth without fear and with equality under the law no matter their gender or sexual orientation. We actively support and participate within our local LGBTQ+ community and believe in utilizing our platform to share organizations we love! We encourage everyone to check them out!

Morris Home

Coalition for Black Trans Economic Liberation

The Trevor Project

We appreciate your support

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