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Jewelry likes to be kept clean & dry.

Scented hygiene products can cause unwanted tarnishing. Give your jewelry a wipe-down after using lotions, salves, and perfumes.

Heirloom Quality Jewelry.

Heirloom quality jewelry requires maintenance. Care for your jewelry the
way you care for your car, your hair, and nails, your home
or your
personal relationships.

When in doubt, polish it out!

Giving your jewelry a little shine is always the best choice and we provide a complimentary polishing cloth with every SJ order.

Water or not?

When precious metal jewelry gets wet, remember to dry it off.
Our jewelry is made of sterling silver and 14k gold, so exposure to moisture is fine - just avoid direct contact with chemicals.

Storing your jewelry

Store your SJ in a safe and dry place, don't keep jewelry made of precious metal with other (non-precious) metal items.

Every Souvenir order receives a complimentary storage bag for your pieces.

Time to play? Put it away!

As always, your jewelry will stay shiny if you remove it before doing
things like gardening, lifting weights, skateboarding, or cleaning your