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Scorpio Nameplate Necklace

Souvenir Jewelry

Scorpio Nameplate Necklace

$ 95.00

Scorpios are born October 23rd to November 21st, and are famously known for their possessive, resourceful, intense and determined personalities. Contrary to popular belief: Scorpios aren’t always focused on revenge. But don’t double cross a Scorpio, because you might get stung.

Now you can wear your birth chart by adding a sun, moon, or rising charm to your astrology necklace.

  • Pendant length: .4 inches or 10.6 mm
  • Pendant width: 1 inch or 26.0 mm
  • Charm: .2 inches or 6mm
  • Chain length: available on a 14, 16 ,18, or 20 inch 1.5 mm Rolo chain
  • Vermeil necklaces are available on a 14, 16 or 18 inch 1.5mm Gold Filled Rolo Chain
  • Handmade, designed, and manufactured in Philadelphia  
  • Available in sterling silver, yellow gold vermeil, rose gold vermeil, 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, and 14k rose gold
  • Optional Sun, Moon, or Rising sign charm

A note on the materials: vermeil is another name for plated sterling silver. Proper care for your vermeil Souvenir Jewelry pieces will extend the life of the plating. Gold plating is not a substitute for solid gold. Gold vermeil pieces may be re-plated for a fee.

Something about this piece not perfect enough for you? Email us at to make adjustments or create your own custom piece. 

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